Brent Carter Loves Sports

Brent Carter was born in Corpus Christi but his family soon moved to Victoria after his birth. He was brought up in Victoria and educated at the Smith Elementary school. Afterwards, he moved to Howell Middle School and finally Victoria High school. Brent passed well in high school and immediately enrolled in the University of Texas, Austin, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Finance major. Brent was highly sporty while in the above schools and he freely related with his peers. Many of his former schoolmates say that Brent Carter Victoria TX was a very happy and outgoing person.

Since Brent graduated from high school, he has mainly engaged in insurance jobs , mostly serving as an agent. For more than 25 years, Brent has operated with several insurance companies in Houston Texas and he has drawn ample success from his career, which he says he enjoys. Asked why he chose a career in insurance, Brent says that Insurance saves people from the entire loss of property when tragedy strikes. It also helps them carter for unforeseen needs in case their health suffers unforeseen challenges. Consequently, Brent feels that insurance serves humanity and spares them from embarrassment and loss when tragedy occurs. It helps them not start from scratch or lose all that they labored for before the unfortunate occurrence.

Since one’s interests from childhood never fade, Brent Carter Victoria tx is a huge sports fan just as he was back in school. Brent shows loyalty to Cowboys, Spurs, Astros, as well as all things UT. At the same time, Brent’s kids are all exceptionally sporty as they are registered athletes in the nation. Kendal, who is Brent’s firstborn, is a junior at the A&M, while Katie the middle child is a Freshman at the same institution. Kyle the family’s favorite is a junior at VEHS. The three are 20, 19, and 17 respectively. Kendal has on multiple occasions been an All-District Basketball player playing Mike Smith and Yolanda Wimbish. Similarly, Katie was multiple times All-District Volleyball player for Jamie Pauley. Kyle also intends to start his baseball career for Wes Kol at VEHS.

Politically, Brent Carter is conservative, although he is a pushover in person. Brent also professes to the Christian faith having been raised in the North Side Baptist Church. His parents professed the Christian Faith, and they ensured that their children were active members of the church. Consequently, Brent says that he loves Christianity and he believes in God. Asked what his hobbies are, Brent says that he loves golfing during his free time. He is also a fishing fan, who spends many weekends on fishing sprees. Another of his passion is hunting. Brent says that he loves the natural environment; no wonder his passion draws towards animals and nature.
Brent also inspires many people, who view him as a role model. He holds public and private meetings with them to mentor them on how to make it in their careers. Other than that, he is a mentor to his three children, whom he loves dearly.