How To Save Money

Picture this scenario. You need two items in the store, and you know exactly what you’re going for. You pick up the two items, and you rush to the check out, only to see that there’s a line. You look for another check out, but only one is open, and unfortunately, you have to wait. After waiting 5 minutes you become extremely impatient, and you try to see what the holdup is. Many people start complaining, and some may even be using curse words, because you don’t realize that everyone has been waiting, much longer than the 5 minutes that you’ve been standing there.

The reason the line is being held up, is not just because it’s the only one available for checkout, but because there is a person up front, who is looking for a lost coupon. The person refuses to let anyone else go ahead of them, as they have a cart full of items, and they have coupons for almost every single itediscountsm. Because of one lost coupon, they refuse to move, until they are able to locate it. No doubt you are extremely frustrated, because you only meant to get 2 items, and go back home.

There is a problem with using coupons. Coupons have to be clipped, which takes up time. You also have to find a coupon, in order to clip it in the first place. Coupons have expiration dates, which may not be readily visible, if you don’t search for it. Also, coupons can easily get lost, especially if you have a lot of them. The person holding up the line, has good intentions, because they want to save money, but the fact that they’re keeping everyone else from going about their day, seems a bit selfish, and it’s definitely annoying.

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